Methane / VOC Testing and Inspections

Almost all Methane mitigation requirements begin with testing. Therefore, to test a property, we install a series of probes at varying depths. We then collect samples from the probes and send them to a laboratory for analyses.

Once installation is completed we test the entire mitigation system to make sure there are no leaks in the membrane. We coordinate and work closely with the city inspectors to make sure that everything is up to code and meets the city's requirements.

Methane / VOC Design

Methane mitigation design can get under way once testing is complete and reported. First, our engineers take the data from the test reports, and then combine it with jurisdictional requirements. Once all the requirements are known, our design team can then customize the mitigation design to the building footprint. As a result, your project can successfully meet all city and county requirements for protecting the structure against known hazardous gasses and vapors.

Construction and Installation

When all the plans are complete and approved, our team quickly mobilizes to install the Methane/VOC mitigation system or below grade waterproofing membrane. Most of the systems are below grade or under the slab. The system consists of a passive venting network, risers, and an impervious membrane.

In addition to the constructing the highest quality system, we strive to offer the most timely and cost effective construction services in the industry. We work in the building schedules’ Critical Path, and as a result, understand the responsibility to the construction schedules success. 



Methane mitigation, VOC mitigation and why?

Daniel Treptow CEO and founder of Sentinel Environmental Solutions graduated with honors and a degree in Business Administration from California State University Northridge in 1989. After school was over, he began leading manufacturing and construction companies within a wide range of fields, and gained valuable skills as a result. 15 years ago, however, Daniel saw a growing need for environmental relief, and therefore began to focus on the Methane Zone and Methane mitigation requirements.

Sentinel Environmental Solutions is a licensed environmental company, keenly focused on Methane mitigation and VOC (volatile organic compounds) mitigation found throughout California soil and construction sites. We've quickly risen to the top of our industry because of our strong customer service and the number of highly satisfied clients.

While others may use whatever supplies and equipment they can find, we use only the highest quality supplies and equipment available in the industry. As a result, you can rest assured of an on-time delivery of the highest quality, best valued product.

"At Sentinel Environmental Solutions, we are the best at what we do, and we lead with strong logistical experience and expertise".






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